The Story of Narwastu Business

This bussiness was started when i like the all things where it's have artistic. For that reason, i share my hoby with opened a gallery in Surabaya city. This gallery shows many things of handycraft from Bali and Yogyakarta in 1999. I am often use Aromatherapy. From many brand of aromatherapy where i've tried, i felt the quality of the aroma has not good. There are something missed. When i felt unsatisfied with the aromatherapy in the market, this situation raise my insting to built bussiness in the world of aromatherapy.

How can i create the product of aromatherapy with best quality of the aroma ? With the understand, product of aromatherapy where we use truely make us become relax, revive, refresh comfort and the aroma is very strong in air. In 10 August 2000, I built aromatherpy bussiness where the name is NARWASTU. Narwastu's aromatherapy makes the product with pure Javanese Spice and packed with the natural packaging. Until now, Narwastu has network almost all regions of Indonesia

Then, with the passage of time the company has grown into a national cosmetics company. With a team supported by research and product development, sales and marketing modern strategies. With emphasis on the natural resources of Indonesia.

The Means of Narwastu

Narwastu is scent where it made from the Serai Wangi's root. The aroma has strong effect. Narwastu oil used for anointing the nation Israel. The price of narwastu in that time was three hundred pence where one pence is a wage of employee in one day.